Khairat is the world's first truly transparent and open charity framework. It allows charities to be accountable for every cent of their spending and donors to see exactly where their donations go

Here's how it works

Your charity creates a need — eg, $100 required to feed homeless people around 10th Street
When someone donates through the app, they get an instant notification that their money was put to use
The donation is deducted from the need until it's been fulfilled. The next need is moved to top of queue
The needs can be donations or charity's expenses; admin expenses, marketing costs — everything is acccounted for
All data is securely stored on the cloud and accessible from anywhere to anyone
Both you and your donors know exactly where every cent went, quantifying all the effort
Everyone is happy, especially the people you helped!


100% open source — apps, dashboards
Dashboard to manage every aspect of your charity
Manage your needs, both donations and managerial — payroll, expenses, others
Mobile apps for you and your donors


When I was 16, I missed an opportunity to feed a hungry person out of sheer ignorance and stupidity. I was traveling to another country where the event happened. They couldn't ask me because we didn't speak the same language, and they had money in their hand, leading me to believe they didn't need help. After I got my food and left the place when I realized they didn't have enough money.

Years after the event, the shame still lingers. However, now it's turned into a tremendous desire to help people in need, especially if they're hungry. Nobody should ever have to go hungry. A few years ago, I had an opportunity to feed another person. I nearly missed it but was able to salvage at the last moment. The joy I got from helping someone was terrific. Which is why I'm building Khairat.

Khairat means charity in Urdu. It's a platform where you can donate something and know exactly where it went. It brings transparency to every step and gives you real-time notifications when your donations are put to use.

The model of the framework is still a work in progress. It's seen many iterations and probably more to come. Soon, I'll open it up to the public to help shape what it looks like.